This website has been built to help you have a better understanding of how hotels and hostels work, and how to choose the perfect fit for you. People need to know more about this industry before making a booking at a specific hotel, hostel, or other accommodation types.


Accommodation Types You Can Book

  • Motels; usually a kind of studio, offering one or two bedrooms. Sometimes tea, coffee, or cooking facilities are provided to clients. Most of the motels even provide a television, and the prices are more than accessible. Motels by definition are small places, but larger ones become similar to hotels and can provide relaxation facilities.
  • Hotels; hotels offer the best quality accommodation, but sometimes at high prices. There are plenty of options in every city or country.
  • Hostels; usually a hostel means lower quality, but is more affordable. Often hostels are nice looking, comfortable, and offer a reasonable price. Some hostels offer dormitory rooms for students, while others can provide double rooms for couples.
  • Apartments; the most extensive accommodation a person can book for themselves. Often, apartments mean more than one room, including a small kitchen, and always have a private bathroom. This way, tourists can cook something, which makes them feel at home.
  • Holiday Homes; booking such a place is an excellent way to take a vacation. Homes are different from each other; you can choose from a small cosy cottage in the mountains to a luxurious house on the beach.

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