Stickers have long become a popular type of printing product


Stickers have long become a popular type of printing product. Their use is directly related to the marketing promotion of goods or services.

Stickers can be considered a kind of leaflet of non-standard sizes.  They are usually printed on self-adhesive paper and can stick to absolutely any product. They are universal. It will be possible to implement your advertisement idea in a few seconds.

Stickers most often cause only positive emotions in customers, which distinguishes them from other types of advertising. In addition, for business, this way of promotion is not very expensive and brings great efficiency. For this reason, many printing companies have permanent orders for the production of stickers.

Stickers in the hotel business

It would seem that the sticker and the hotel business are in no way connected. However, let’s look at it a little wider.

For example, you can order transparent stickers and give them to the client when he checks into the room, or, conversely, is about to leave. You can also add a fun bonus when booking a room – free stickers for each guest. You can be sure that this short phrase will bring a smile and make the client choose your hotel.

A few important points:

Even though the stickers will be handed out for free, don’t make them at the cheapest price. Promotional products are your face.

Don’t sell stickers. It’s promotional material, not a way to make money. You are investing in customer loyalty and love for your brand.As you can see, stickers can benefit any business, even hotel business. So order custom transparent stickers now and take the next step in advertising your business.