Uganda’s Gem of Waterfalls

Uganda, the pearl of Africa, is known for many things, such as the Source of the Nile, amazing coffee, incredible safari in national parks, and Lake Bunyonyi in south-western Uganda, close to the Rwandan border. But what about Uganda’s waterfall town Sipi Falls, where you can hike under the African sun and visit three small but gorgeous waterfalls, adore local handicrafts, see how coffee is grown and dried in the sun, and enjoy the most amazing sunsets you have ever seen?

Sipi Falls is located in Eastern Uganda in the district of Kapchorwa. Last time we were there we made some custom stickers and wall stickers with our favorite photographs of the waterfalls and the sunsets, because it is just so stunning. Many people actually use Sipi Falls as a starting point for their hike up Mt. Elgon, but it is also an incredible destination on its own. You can choose from a variety of lodges in different price ranges and enjoy the mountain dew freshness of the early mornings as you wake up with the sunrise to enjoy a magical day of hiking amongst birds, goats, and cows grazing in the sun.

The locals in Sipi Falls are extremely friendly and one might be surprised that they are not bored of tourists at this point. But it is a place where they genuinely enjoy to show their visitors around the area, because they are indeed proud of their gorgeous home, which also exports bottled water from the fresh mountain water that runs down from Mt. Elgon to Sipi’s falls and rivers.