City Hotels

When choosing a city hotel, there are a few key factors that will impact your stay and how you experience it. At trips where you want a city hotel, you have likely planned some sightseeing and perhaps also some foodie activities such as dinner and drinks.

City vacations tend to be shorter than their beach counterparts, which is why you may afford a bit more expensive hotel. After a long day of sightseeing, a relaxing and luxurious environment is just what you need to give that little bit of extra pleasure.

In The Middle Of Everything

First and foremost, a city hotel should be located in the city. And here we really do mean in the city, as in the middle of everything. Shopping, bars, restaurants – they should all be within walking distance from the hotel.

Sight-seeing is usually an activity requiring some local travelling, as not all sights are located at the same spot. Therefore, local transportation should be easy to find and reach from the hotel as well. Maps with important sights, recommended restaurants and good shopping areas marked at the hotel lobby is a great plus and goes to show that the hotel value and care for their guests.

A good example of this is a nice hotel in Copenhagen city centre, where you have everything you could ask for right outside the hotel doors. And if you have to ask for it, the staff is friendly and more than helpful in providing the information you want.

The Hotel Rooms

The most important thing at a city hotel is that the bed is comfy and provides a good night’s sleep. Come to think of it, that is probably true for all kinds of hotels. But for city hotels, the bed should be paired with soundproof windows. While on vacation, you want to experience the city you visit, but not necessarily the noisy nightlife when you try to sleep.

As we like to travel and experience things, it is not very important that the hotel has a dinner restaurant. What is important is instead that the hotel breakfast is well prepared and that enough variety of food and dishes are provided.