Seaside Hotels

Seaside hotels are an old type of hotel. It was very common already in the early 1900’s. At that time, you went to the sea for the strengthening air and for the cold baths in the sea. The hotels were not of as high standard as we see today, even though it was by no means cheap to stay by the sea.

Over the years, the seaside hotels have developed a bit. Nowadays, the seaside hotels are commonly luxurious hotels with a sea view. Often they come with a spa section as well, where you can pamper yourself with all kinds of relaxing treatments.

Where Can I Find Seaside Hotels?

Seaside hotels are quite easy to find – just look at along any piece of coast. The old and famous ones are found for example in Salcombe in Devon, Newquay in Cornwall, New Romney in Kent and of course in Brighton in West Sussex. But with UK being an island, there are seaside hotel all over the country, including Wales, Scotland and Jersey.

Most hotel owners tend to make the most of a seaside location, meaning that you are likely to get a wonderful experience in any seaside hotel. There are quite a few that come very recommended. With high recommendations comes a high price tag, though. Staying at the famous seaside hotels is not cheap. Look for any discount deals and package offerings if you want the experience at a bit of a lower rate.

What to Look For in a Seaside Hotel

What you want from your stay at a seaside hotel will of course depend on who you are. Some of us want the peace and quiet and the calmness only experienced at the sea. Others want the seaside location because of possibilities to spend time doing action sports on the water.

Some of the seaside hotels have specialised in water sports, and have a wide selection of equipment you can rent. Naturally they also have instructions for any beginners wishing to have a go at water ski, jetski or even paragliding.

Since the two types of hotels differ quite a lot, it is worthwhile doing a bit of investigation before selecting the seaside hotel to book.