Start Growing Green And Make It a Business

We all know that eating plant based food is a great way to a healthier and happier lifestyle as well as a healthier planet. The best way to know how your veggies are grown is of course to grow them yourself.

Growing veggies is easier than you may think. You can do it indoors at home in pots, and in addition to growing your own food you’ll also be able to enjoy the greenery as part of your interior decoration. If you have a balcony, you’ll have room for more potted plants as well as creating a lush and relaxing environment to hang out in.

Growing More Than You Need

Once you get the hang of growing, you’ll notice how easy it is to grow more than you can use yourself. And this is where some business mindset comes into the picture. Why not let other people use your home-grown veggies?

A lot of people want to eat healthy and locally produced food. Even if it is small quantities compared to grocery stores, you can still find customers. Especially nowadays, you’ll have to go online to find a marketplace for your produce.

Market Yourself

A little bit of really well-thought-through marketing will go a long way. By using tools such as Data Studio, you’ll be able to target exactly the right audience for your business. Thereby, you will maximize the outcome of your marketing, and also sell all the excess produce you have.