Hotel Breakfast – Something to Long For

We all have certain criteria when we choose accommodation. Some require a bathtub, some want a certain type of bed or a gum at the hotel. Most of us want a luxurious breakfast in the morning. for some of us, the breakfast is a make or break thing when it comes to booking a hotel.

So what do we want from a hotel breakfast. Apart from the basics, that it is clean, fresh and all plates are refilled regularly if it is a buffet, there are a few things that we really look at and judge when comparing hotel breakfasts.

We prefer buffets. Yes, sit-down breakfasts can be lovely as well, but we like the feeling och picking and choosing. And of course just looking at all the goodies for a little bit before we start.

Hot Food

A great breakfast must have eggs. Preferably scrambled, but fried are ok as well. Boiled is ok but not great. And there must be hot sauce to accompany the eggs.

There should be bacon, and it should be crispy. Bacon that has not been fried enough and is swimming in fat does not make anybody happy.

Beans, sausages and meatballs are optional. But fried or grilled tomatoes are a plus.

Bread, Butter And Topping

The bread should be freshly baked, obviously. If it is still a little bit warm, it adds a nice touch of comfort and caring. Toast and a toaster for those so inclined.

Real butter should be available, but margarine can be present also.

As for toppings, cheese is a must. Both sliced cheese and soft brie are nice. Ham, cooked and smoked, and salami as well. Orange marmalade and some jams has a given place on the breakfast table.

Desserts And Sweets

possibly the best part of a hotel breakfast is the last one. When you have had enough, but still has a sweet tooth to satisfy.

Pancakes or waffles, served with whipped cream and strawberry jam is a classic dessert at hotel breakfasts. A dollop of nutella, along with a butter croissant is also a nice ending to a long, slow and delicious breakfast.

Cookies, sponge cake, danish pastry and pain au chocolat are common in the cake section.