How To Pack Your Things Like a Pro

There are two categories of people, we think. Those who like packing, and those who don’t. If you are one of the latter, we’ll help you to find it a little bit less awful with a few helpful tips. Even if you happen to like packing, you may find some things that you hadn’t thought about or which you could improve. 

First of all, you need appropriate bags and suitcases. We recommend buying quality bags from well-known brands even if they are a bit more expensive. Normally they will last you longer, and often the warranty can help you with repairs and replacements. Because, let’s face it, bags are abused when we travel.  

Now decorate your suitcase. Get stickers from, or make custom ones at,, and place them on your bag. You’ll never let your bag pass you by on the conveyor belt ever again. 


Even more packing?! Yes. Because it will be better for you and your things in the end. Once you have your suitcase, get packing bags. There are lots of nice designs out there, so get ones that will make your packing a bit less tedious. A few different sizes to hold different kinds of items is a good idea as well. 

With packing bags, place all items of the same kind in the bag. Easier to find and easier to make sure you have packed everything you need. And of course, easier to place in your suitcase since they are evenly sized. No more pushing a few socks here and there to fit them in.