Customize Your Offers

Nothing is more effective in keeping your customers coming back than great service. But a close second is creating customized offers that really fits your customers wishes and needs. And a great way of making sure you are tailoring your offers perfectly is to use a software tool that easily can compile data from a lot of different sources. The data studio templates then lets you create customer groups based on your own criteria and tweak the offers you have. 

Returning Customers Are Happy Customers

New customers are great, but returning customers are even better. If customers return once, they are likely to return more times as well. So, how do you help your customers making the choice to return? 

Well, first of all you make sure that you treat customers friendly and make them feel at home, without invading their sense of privacy. This means different things for different customers, which is why working at a hotel requires a delicate sense for people’s differences.  


All customers love a good offer. But a good offer that feels like it has been made just for them is even more valuable. 

The hard part is creating that perfect tweak that will persuade anyone on the fence of coming back and falling in love with your hotel a little bit more. And that little extra is different for different people. It could be an extra few percent off the price, an included breakfast or dinner, or a free upgrade. To know what will work, you’ll need to be really attentive to your customers at their visit.