Travelling Is Finally Back On

How we have longed to see other countries for the past year. Or, for that matter, even other parts of our own country. Or even the inside of a pub or café, come to think of it. Soon, soon we will be able to travel again, so get your bag and start packing.

…what? Your travel bags have disintegrated from scarce usage? That sounds like a perfect reason to treat yourself with some new gears for travelling, we’d say.


First of all, you should get a suitcase. We prefer a light but endurable one in plastic. Those give the contents a little bit of protection and should give you longer wear than the fabric ones. Choose a size that matches your needs and travelling style. It should be big enough but not overly so.

Get some custom transparent stickers and put on your bag to be able to find it easily on the conveyor belt. Also, label it on the inside with your name, address and phone number in case it ever gets lost.

Carry-on Bag

For the carry-on bag we instead recommend purchasing a fabric one, which is softer and slimmer than the plastic ones. Therefore they fit more easily in the over-head compartment or even on the floor beneath the seat in front of you.

Make sure to check the allowed sizes for carry-on luggage for your preferred airlines, as they tend to vary slightly.

As the over-head compartments are sometimes pressed for space, you should mark also your carry-on bag with stickers to be able to distinguish it from other bags if you need to place it far from your seat.