Informal Marketing

We all know that marketing works. And all business owners also know that marketing costs and takes time. So, how do we go about marketing on a shoe-string? Well, there are a few things that you could try without spending too much money on them. Some of them may take a bit of time, though. 


A simple but yet effective way is stickers. Make logo stickers and put them everywhere you can think of. You can give custom bumper stickers to your friends and family, and to your guests as a parting gift. 

Logo stickers can be put on your briefcase, your spouse’s lunchbox, all notebooks and probably a lot more places that we haven’t thought about yet. But do remember to ask for permission before sticking them on things that are not yours. 

Facebook Groups

There are numerous Facebook groups dedicated to travelling and hotels. Start being active in those groups and provide help and answers for other people. Once you have established a name for yourself, you can also let people know that you run a hotel. Don’t do flat out advertisements, though. People tend to dislike that. 


The picture community of Instagram is a perfect place to advertise your establishment! The whole community is all about photos and pictures, making it perfect for any kind of marketing. Sure, it will take some time to take the photos and edit them, but it will most likely be worth it. 

Once you have established your own posts, it is time to enhance your impact through interacting with other people. When you comment on other people’s posts your name will link to your page and help people find you.