The Hotel Kitchen: the Heart of the Hotel

We all know that the kitchen is the heart of our home, and the same is true for a hotel. The kitchen is where the magic that makes the guest feel tended to and taken care of happens. As a hotelier, you will want to make sure your kitchen and your chef are top notch and properly taken care of to continue creating that magic.

Orderliness Is King

To keep the kitchen running smoothly, you’ll need to keep it orderly. All equipment should be kept at its proper place when not used to make it easy to find when needed. After usage, it should be washed and put back. 

Order customized transparent stickers to mark the proper places for everything. That will help those who work in the kitchen keep it in order. For newcomers and temps it makes life a lot easier and will keep things running smoothly regardless of who’s working at the moment. 

Clean And Shiny

Keeping the kitchen clean is a given from a hygiene perspective. But as an added bonus, everyone working in the kitchen will also be happier about coming to work, even if it is the wee hours of the morning to prepare for breakfast if they are greeted by a spotless workplace. 

Well Prepared But Flexible

The best hotel kitchen is the one that is well prepared and can serve dishes on the menu with a minimum of waiting for the customers.  But if a guest has a special request, be it from a dietary restriction or from a simple urge, being able to fulfill it will make the guest extra happy and remember your hotel as a great place.