Spend a Weekend in Lovely Copenhagen

If you have a weekend to spare, why not spend it in Copenhagen? The capital of Denmark is well worth visit, and there is plenty to see, do and eat. Getting there is easy enough, Kastrup Airport is located almost

The Top Five Must-See’s In Sunny Malta

Malta is the smallest country in the EU. It is an island in the Mediterranean, soaking in sunshine all year long. It is said the sun shines 300 days a year in Malta. Although a small island, no more than

How Hotels are Changing in Appearance

The entry of competitors into the hospitality industry has changed how hotels conduct their business. The internet is full of apps and links for discounted accommodation, so hotel owners have to make a lot of adjustments, including changing their appearance

Hotel Breakfast – Something to Long For

We all have certain criteria when we choose accommodation. Some require a bathtub, some want a certain type of bed or a gum at the hotel. Most of us want a luxurious breakfast in the morning. for some of us,

Why Copenhagen is a Great Tourist Destination

Copenhagen in Denmark is one of the most preferred places in Europe for tourists who want to go and unwind, or those seeking the thrill of an adventurous trip. The reasons why it stands out as a tourist destination are

Tips on How to Choose the Best Accommodation

Finding the right accommodation for you on your business trip is essential for the success of it. You must know a couple of things before booking a hotel or hostel room. Tips on How to Choose the Best accommodation Make