A Hotel Garden

For us, a hotel garden is definitely a plus when choosing where to stay. To have breakfast in a garden is so lovely that we are prepared to spend a few extra pounds on it. 

For you as a hotelier, it will of course take a bit of extra work, but it will most likely pay off in the end. And if you like gardening, it may not even be any trouble but more of a hobby anyway. Here are our best tips for any hotelier wishing to attract garden-loving guests. 

Use Your Garden

If you have a garden flaunt it! Really, make the most of it and treat it as a valuable part of your establishment. Decorate it with tables and chairs and perhaps even some lounge chairs. Having a meal or a snack in the garden is wonderful and should be easy to do. 

A few different groups of furniture will allow people to feel welcome and enjoy coffee, drinks and snacks in a lovely surroundings.

Label All the Plants

Buy custom transparent stickers and label all of your plants. Not only will it save you from answering the same questions over and over, your guests can learn about the plants at their own pace and from their own interests. 

Grow Your Own Herbs

If you have a hotel garden, use it for growing things you need as well as things that are pretty. Fresh herbs are wonderful for both cooking and for putting on sandwiches. Not to mention decorating desserts and cocktails with.