Spa Hotels

Spa hotels must be the ultimate luxury accommodation. Not only do you get the wonderful hotel experience, but as an add-on there is also the possibility for a relaxing visit to the spa area. Spa hotels are available all over the world. You can for example book a Stockholm hotel with spa if you would like to visit the capital of Sweden.

At many spa hotels you can get package deals including accommodation and spa treatments. Sometimes dinner is included as well. Keep an eye out for great deals. If you have the possibility of choosing any date, you are more likely to find a super deal which gives you a wonderful experience for a very low fee.

What Do You Do at a Spa

At most spas you will find hot and cold pools. Often there are several saunas to choose from as well. A jacuzzi is also included at most spas. Slightly separated you will often find the relax area, where there are sunbeds for you to lie down on. In this area you can normally buy something to drink, and more often than not you will find fresh fruit for guests here as well.

When it comes to the treatments available, each spa is unique. That means that if you are looking for a specific treatment, or if you have a favourite one, you should check in advance if it is available at the hotel spa where you are staying.

Commonly available are various forms of massage, for example with hot lava stones to help loosen tight muscles. In many cases you will also find beauty treatments such as facials and body scrubs. Manicure and pedicure are not rare to find on the list of treatments.

At hotel spas, the schedule can be very tight with many guests wishing to spend some time at the spa and treat themselves. Therefore it is a good idea to book your treatments well in advance.

Finish the Night With Dinner

When satisfied with your visit to the spa, you have the rest of the stay at the hotel to enjoy. Dress up and go for dinner. Start with a drink at the bar, and then try to the hotel restaurant. Normally, the restaurants at the spa hotels serve excellent food, so you are likely to be in for a treat. Savour the food and drinks, and the sheer pleasure of being served and knowing that you will not have to do the dishes afterwards. Relax, and let the meal take its time.